Africa Holy Ghost And Fire Tour 2024 – Week Two

Pastors Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne

Publish date: 04/14/2024

Foundation Scriptures:

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature… Mark 16:15-18


Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Psalms 2:8 KJV



April 7 and April 11-13, 2024

(See for more preaching schedule and updates)


Botswana Day Three:

Sunday, April 7, 2024 - Ngamiland, Botswana - City #258 of 300

(Pastors & Leaders Meeting)

Total Attendance: 337

Total Altar: 116

Total Mobilized: 269

What a great night. The fire fell and many were touched and mobilized by the power of God to win souls. We believe that the power of the Gospel will be spread to the villages throughout the Okavango Delta.


Botswana Totals 3/3

Total Attendance: 2,686

Total Altar: 529

Total Mobilized: 2,108



City #259 of 300

When we arrived in Antananarivo, Madagascar, on Thursday, April 11th, we received a very warm welcome from leading pastors and ministers and government leaders. The National News Media were also waiting to interview us and it was aired on their national television station that same evening. We are so excited to be here in nation #93. We believe we will see many touched and changed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

As we exited the airport building, we were met and welcomed by more church leaders and hundreds of believers. There were dancers, singers, and a huge banner saying, “Welcome to Madagascar.” We are overwhelmed by the warm welcome we received and the kindness of the Malagasy People.


When we arrived at our hotel, we had another press conference with different independent media regarding the purpose of our visit.

I told them we came for 3 reasons:

#1 To speak into the government and encourage the nation.

#2 To speak to business leaders.

#3 To address the body of Christ.

According to the organizers of this event, this is the largest gathering of Pastors they have ever experienced—more than 1,100! Apparently, every denomination and church group is represented. The Holy Spirit is a unifying force. Wherever people are hungry for God, denominational barriers come down. We are so blessed to be here.


Madagascar Day One:

Friday, April 12th Morning Political Meetings:

This morning, we had an amazing meeting with the #2 man in the Malagasy Government, the President of the Senate. General Ravalomanana Richard (a devout Christian). He welcomed us to the nation and we shared with him our purpose and mission, and many other things. He confirmed that we had accurately summed up the problems in the nation. When I presented him with one of our Stewardship Bibles, he immediately pulled up an Old Testament scripture and a New Testament scripture. He looked up, smiled, and told us that since we had the correct version of the Bible, we were on the same page scripturally, he felt very comfortable receiving everything else we shared. The Lord really touched his heart. 

Then he presented me with a gift, a beautiful picture of his home village. He loves cowboy hats, and I told him I would send him three from America. He was so happy, he didn’t want to let us go, even though he had many others waiting to meet with him. Then I had the privilege of praying for him. What a great morning.


Afternoon Political Meetings:

In the afternoon, I was privileged to meet with Paubert Tsimanaotaty Mahatante PhD (In Oceanography). He is the Minister of Fisheries and Blue Economy within the Malagasy government. His expertise lies in the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Madagascar. We talked at length about the nation and the problems facing Madagascar—then we talked about solutions. He is a brilliant man who loves Jesus. We agreed on everything, including solutions. He felt the Lord had sent us there to encourage him! An amazing man indeed. We were so blessed to see that the Lord had placed such a godly man in this important position, to serve the people of Madagascar. 


Evening Political Meetings:

Then on Friday evening, we met with 50 government leaders in a hotel ballroom for a night of prayer and worship. We gave each of them copies of my new book in the Malagasy Language - Mahita An’i Jesosy Amin’ny Maha-izy Azy (Seeing Jesus as He Really Is). I prayed and wept over them and invited them to the next three meetings on Saturday and Sunday. What an amazing day! I wept as I saw how wonderfully God was working at this level of government—seeing godly men and women in places of influence, pushing back the darkness.


Madagascar Day Two:

Saturday, April 13th Morning Holy Ghost and Fire Meeting:

This 9 AM meeting was supposed to be a Kingdom Business meeting; however, when I arrived at the venue it was almost filled. The organizers were expecting around 1000 people, but there were 5,019 in attendance. So, I flipped the service into a Holy Ghost meeting—the altar was jammed, and the fire fell. Many were touched and mobilized by the power of the Holy Spirit to win souls!

Madagascar Running Totals 1/3

Total Attendance: 5,919

Total Altar: 5,227

Total Mobilized: 5,564


Saturday, April 13th Afternoon Holy Ghost and Fire Meeting:

These meetings in Madagascar have been so amazing. The people are so precious. We have 1,100 pastors in attendance from the leading denominations in the nation. Television in Antananarivo has opened to us to air the meeting tomorrow afternoon live to the whole city. Tomorrow evening, after the service, I will meet the Minister of Communication & Culture of the Republic of Madagascar.

I am very excited to see all the young people in the services. A whole generation is being set on fire. And people are being mobilized to win souls!

Total Attendance: 6,783

Total Altar: 1,137

Total Mobilized: 3,842


Madagascar Running Totals 2/3

Total Attendance: 12,702

Total Altar: 6,364

Total Mobilized: 9,406


Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. We love you!