Kingdom Strategies

Revival Ministries International

Publish date: 10/30/2021

Revival Ministries International — Kingdom Strategies

1. Identify vital systems for your region. Pray for divine strategies and favor in those areas:

- Transportation
- Water, sewage
- Shipping
- Manufacturing
- Housing
- Food
- Etc.

2. Have the people identify their passions and callings.

- If you could start your dream business, what would it be?

- Make a list of what it would take to make that business functional. Vision/purpose/1,3,10yr plan

- Pray for divine strategies.

3. Map out strategic properties in your region. Pray for divine favor to acquire those properties.

4. Identify business areas in your region. Evangelize those areas.

5. Pray for divine connections with business leaders in your region. Go find them. Evangelize them.

6. Protect what God has given you. If I were the enemy, how would I take me out? — Establish clear preemptory safeguards/procedures.

7. Build systems of influence and independence in your church:

- Prayer War Room
- Home School co-op/Christian school
- Food production & preparedness
- Ham Radio/Satellite communications
- Housing/independent communities
- Constitutional/Legal Studies
- First Responder training
- Medical/health network
- Financial services (banking/insurance/barter system)
- Media (newspapers/movies/tv/animation)

8. Pray over local and state officials. Pray for their salvation, evangelize them and pray that God would give you divine favor with them. Have your own people gain those offices.

- Sheriff
- Supervisor of Elections
- County & Circuit Judges
- School Board
- County Commissioners
- City Manager
- Police Chief
- Mayor
- City Council
- Commissioner of Agriculture
- Attorney General
- State Legislators
- Governor
- State Supreme Court

Solomon was praised by God for seeking wisdom.

The first step of any strategy must be seeking wisdom and knowledge.

You must know what you are working towards to have success in that endeavor.

Don't waste resources in devilish detours.