The Main Event - December 6th

The River Church

Publish date: 12/06/2009

The Main Event - December 6th

Happy Birthday to The River at Tampa Bay Church!  Today, we CELEBRATED 13 AWESOME YEARS With over 500 in attendance at The River's VERY FIRST SERVICE in 1996, The River has been going strong ever since.  A center for impartation from the Word of God with the Spirit of God, The River has seen many victories and launched fire-filled revivalists to the far-flung corners of the globe. Pastor Rodney declared that, this decade, we will see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fill the earth as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9).  Pastor shared about the launching of the major television network that will reach into 100 million homes from day one.  The purpose of The River at Tampa Bay Church is clear:  to train revivalists and to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

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