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A Suitable Companion

From The Heart

Publish date: 10/23/2011

Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him. 19 And out of the ground the Lord God formed every [wild] beast and living creature of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them; and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name. 20 And Adam gave names to all the livestock and to the birds of the air and to every [wild] beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a helper meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him. 21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam; and while he slept, He took one of his ribs or a part of his side and closed up the [place with] flesh. 22 And the rib or part of his side which the Lord God had taken from the man He built up and made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. 23 Then Adam said, This [creature] is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of a man. 24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.  Genesis 2:18-24 AMP

God created man – Adam – but He was not finished with him. He said, “It is not good – it is not satisfactory – that the man should be alone.” God had given man dominion over the earth and all its inhabitants, so He brought the animals to Adam to name. Adam saw and named every bird, fish and animal, but not one of them was suitable as a companion for him. I believe that the Lord did this so that Adam would know that Eve was God’s absolute best choice for him. God didn’t give him an animal as a companion; He didn’t give him another man – neither of those was suitable – but he gave him a woman, taken from his own side, to be his more than suitable companion!

When the Lord made Eve, Adam named her too and he welcomed her as his wife, partner, and complimentary equal. They were to be partners in life and in parenting. They were also to be partners for life.

Drink waters out of your own cistern [of a pure marriage relationship], and fresh running waters out of your own well. 16 Should your offspring be dispersed abroad as water brooks in the streets? 17 [Confine yourself to your own wife] let your children be for you alone, and not the children of strangers with you. 18 Let your fountain [of human life] be blessed [with the rewards of fidelity], and rejoice in the wife of your youth. 19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant doe [tender, gentle, attractive] – let her bosom satisfy you at all times, and always be transported with delight in her love. 20 Why should you, my son, be infatuated with a loose woman, embrace the bosom of an outsider, and go astray? 21 For the ways of man are directly before the eyes of the Lord, and He [Who would have us live soberly, chastely, and godly] carefully weighs all man’s goings.  Proverbs 5:15-21 AMP

“Drink waters out of your own cistern, and fresh running waters out of your own well.” Solomon is not speaking here of literal water – he is speaking about the marriage relationship. Men are to confine themselves to their own wives and not be looking at or lusting after other women – and definitely not be sleeping around with them! Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that everyone who so much as looks at a woman with evil desire for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27-28 AMP) There is never a valid excuse for adultery! People might try to make excuses, but remember God knows your heart!

If a man goes after a woman for the mere physical relationship – that is all he will ever have. He will know lust, but not real love. He will never experience the fulfillment of a woman who truly loves him and has his heart and trust. He will be empty and lonely inside and he will lose his self-respect. Men who do this are emotionally shallow and come to a place where they cannot ever connect on a deeper level with anyone. They never experience the joys of understanding or being understood by a good woman, unless they truly repent and change their attitude and their ways.

“Let your fountain [of human life] be blessed [with the rewards of fidelity]” There is a great blessing for the man who stays faithful to his wife – he is rewarded with her love and appreciation; he has a companion for life who will honor him and understand his heart. Most of all he has the blessing of a clear conscience and an undefiled spirit. Just as Adam had an ideal companion in Eve, so the Lord has chosen an ideal companion for each one of us, but it requires submission to the will of God, and obedience, on both sides.

“Rejoice in the wife of your youth. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant doe [tender, gentle, attractive] – let her bosom satisfy you at all times, and always be transported with delight in her love.”
It is the husband’s responsibility to keep his love alive for his wife, through their whole marriage. It is up to him to always see her beauty and cultivate her happiness. It is up to the husband to always keep the romance alive even when they are old and grey! Romance is not only the grand gestures. Romance is the small kind and thoughtful things that a husband does for his wife every day. Men – flowers and cards are not soppy or ridiculous! They speak of the fact that you thought about your wife and that you care about the things that make her happy. Tell her you love her every day. Tell her she is beautiful. Find out what her love language is and make an effort to speak it – even if it doesn’t come easily to you.

Men – don’t just sit back and do nothing and order your wife to submit! That is going to get you exactly nowhere fast! If you love her and care about her and you show it – then you will see the fruit of your labor – you will reap the rewards of a wife who goes out of her way to love you, honor you, bless you and meet your needs. Marriage is not designed by God to be a prison! It is a beautiful garden, where you can reap a harvest of blessing if you sow the right seeds and water and tend it!