The Holy Land Tour


Publish date: 10/30/2008

Preaching in the Upper Room

Our Bus - the other one left!

In the Upper Room!

An ancient map of the city of Jerusalem in Mosaic

The Streets of the Old City

The Pool of Bethesda

Jaffa Gate

Leading Worship in the church by the pool of Bethesda - St Anne's

The Eastern Gate

The Garden of Getsemane

In the Garden of Eden with Eve - sorry the Garden of Getsemane with Adonica

This photographer is taking His life into his own hands

The Garden Tomb - with our Guide - Pastor Ken Trestrail a precious man on fire for God

Golgotha the place of the skull

Pastor Ken Trestrail - preaching a powerful message on the resurrection!

The Garden Tomb - Part One

The Garden Tomb - Part Two

The Garden Tomb - Part Three

The Garden Tomb - He is not here - For He is Risen

Inside the Garden Tomb

Adonica inside the Garden Tomb

The Wine Press in the Garden

Receiving Communion in the Garden