Pictures from Cana of Gallilee


Publish date: 11/01/2008

Dorothy was healed in the upper room as I was preaching - she was bowed over and had suffered from severe arthritis for 3 years - while I was preaching she looked up and saw Jesus standing in front of me and all the pain left her - she straightened up and now has no pain. No one laid hands on her - one look at Jesus blessed this little baptist lady and she was healed - in the upper room by Jesus.

Cana of Galillee

Looking over the Valley of Jezreel - also on the hill where they tried to throw him off a cliff in Nazareth

Preaching in Nazareth

Valley of Jezreel

Our Bus driver Hussein from Nazareth and out tour guide from Jerusalem Charles

From the bus with the City of Nazareth behind us

Our Boat on the sea of Galillee

The Sea of Galillee with the Golan Heights in the background

Praise and Worship on the Sea

On the Sea of Galillee

On the way Home

Our Boat on the Sea of Galillee

Captain Heather Meier

Preaching on the Sea of Galillee - about all the Miracles

The ministry of Jesus was centered around the Sea of Galillee - it was where he had his home - and was known as the man from Galillee everything happened around here from His Baptism in the Jordan in the South to the Wedding in Cana of Galillee to the man of  Gadara who was set free from devils to the feeding of the five thousand and the storm made still to walking on the water - the cast your net on the other side.

Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - it all happened.

Preaching the Word on the Sea

More Preaching

Springs of Water

Fished for ten minutes but caught nothing!!!!!!