Tour the Holy Land - Final Day


Publish date: 11/05/2008

Tree planting in Israel

Lavi Forest

My Tree

Adonica's Tree

Everyone Planting their own tree


From Megiddo looking over the Valley of Megiddo

From the ancient megiddo looking towards Nazareth

Looking over the Valley of Megiddo


Grain silo

The Water System

Going down into the water System

Going down into the water System

Going down into the water System

Our Guide Charles


The Spring

Hospital Asaf Harofeh - Tel Aviv

The site of the new medical center

Listening to the Vision of the new trauma center that they are building

Hospital choir

Facts about the Hospital for 1997

In 1997 the Medical Center:

  • Admitted 52,229 patients in our regular departments.
  • 32,144 patients were seen in our special Day Care Facilities.
  • 128,000 people passed through our Emergency Department
  • 270,000 patients were treated in our Consultative Out Patient Clinics
  • 6,054 babies were born.
  • Approximately 20,000 operations and procedures are performed in our 15 Operating Theaters.
  • Over 2,700 people are employed on part time and full time basis

2008 facts about the Hospital

The Assaf Harofeh campus stretches over 65 acres and employs 2,400 staff.

In the past year..

  • We admitted 55,000 patients to our regular departments
  • 340,000 were treated in our consultative out-patient clinics and day care facilities
  • 275,000 hospital days were utilized
  • 6,000 babies were brought into the world
  • 23,000 surgical procedures were performed in our 17 operating theaters
  • 31,200 dialysis treatments were administered

The Director - Aaron

A young lady who had been blown up in a terror attack at a bus station - the Hospital saved her life - we were able to pray with her

Trauma Center

Quintuplets born at the Hospital - before

Quintuplets - later in the Israeli Military


Send men to Joppa!!!!!!!!

Final meal together before we boarded our flight back to the USA

Addressing the Group and final greetings