G.A.T. Bronx / Manhattan Day 10

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 05/25/2009

The Lord showed up in a marvelous way; many were filled with joy tonight. God is doing a mighty work here in New York. Today was Memorial Day; 101 harvesters showed up and 2,698 people made decisions for Jesus Christ. Within the last 9 days, 591 harvesters preached the Gospel to and prayed the prayer of salvation to receive Jesus Christ with 18,913 people. Check out the pictures....

IMG_0609.JPG (Medium)IMG_0775.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0610.JPG (Medium)IMG_0615.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0623.JPG (Medium)IMG_0630.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0638.JPG (Large)

IMG_0641.JPG (Medium)IMG_0608.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0738.JPG (Large)

IMG_0658.JPG (Medium)IMG_0659.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0651.JPG (Medium)IMG_0734.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0662.JPG (Medium)IMG_0664.JPG (Medium)

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IMG_0680.JPG (Medium)IMG_0761.JPG (Medium)

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IMG_0752.JPG (Medium)IMG_0743.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0767.JPG (Large)

Power Evangelism

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Above is part of the Great Awakening Tour Team from Tampa. Thank God for all of them.

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