G.A.T. Abilene, Texas Day 10

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 07/06/2009

G.A.T. ABILENE, TEXAS DAY 10 - With  369 harvesters, we have seen 12,932 decisions for Jesus Christ.  Tonight, Pastor Jennifer preached on the baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire. Many were filled and ignited with the fire of God to reach a lost and dying world. The testimonies are awesome. A man got healed of chronic pain in his legs on the streets and then started running up to people telling them that Jesus healed him. We would then lead those to the Lord. We have 4 more nights of Holy Ghost and Fire Meetings left.  Please continue to pray for the G.A.T. Teams for strength and for the ministry to have a financial breakthrough - that this harvest of souls would be funded.

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Power Evangelism Training and Soul Winning

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