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RMI Signs & Wonders Summer Campmeeting Day 4

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 07/15/2009

RMI Signs & Wonders Summer Campmeeting Day 4 -

Pastor Gil ministered this morning on the call of God. Tonight, Jennifer and I ministered on the call of God. We shared how we were called into ministry. The Lord, by His Spirit, gave people a glimpse of eternity. Many made the decision to run their Heavenly Race. It was a time of consecration and the altar was filled. Power Evangelism is taking place between the morning and evening services to train and equip people because many here have never  been on a G.A.T.  With 60 Harvesters, we have seen 893 decisions for Jesus Christ. We still have Thursday & Friday morning and Night left. Saturday mornning at 10 a.m. we are having a hugh Power Evangelism Training and Outreach. Their will be no service on Saturday night.


P.M. Pictures

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90 minutes of Power Evangelism after morning service

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Wednesday A.M.

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