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G.A.T. International Sheffield, UK Day 3

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 07/29/2009

G.A.T. International Sheffield, UK Day 3 - We had over 100 pastors show up tonight for a pastors' meeting. Then the place was packed tonight with hungry people as we joined Pastor Rodney in East London, South Africa via satellite. I then taught everyone how to win souls with the Gospel Script and prayed for the Lord to give them a revelation that the Gospel is the Power of God. Pastor Ken Gott, Evangelist Nathan Morris, Pastor Anthony Nicholson, and myself prayed for everyone.

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To the left brother Jan from Norway our Satallite technicial - We had to put the satalite dish on the roof and find a way to run the cable to the sound booth. This church was an old steel factory from many years ago.