Zambia - Overland Missions Base at Rapid 14

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 08/11/2009

Just had a tour of the Overland Missions Base at rapid 14 in Zambia just outside of Livingstone and spoke to the leadership - what Phil & Sharon have built here is awesome - I am having a meeting in a village Thursday Night then Friday am a Pastors and Leaders meeting in Livingstone - then Sunday afternoon at 4pm an all faiths crusade 1 meeting to mobilize everyone for Souls

 Zambia - 1.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 2 Elephant across the Zambezi River.jpg (Large)

Elephant across the Zambezi River

Zambia - 3 Eastern Cataract of Victoria falls.jpg (Large)

Eastern Cataract of Victoria Falls

Zambia - 4.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 4.5.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 5.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 6 Victoria Fall's the smoke that thunders (Large)

Victoria Fall's the smoke that thunders

Zambia - 7 Victoria Fall's the smoke that thunders (Large)

Fire in Zambia

Zambia - 8 Overland Missions Base Zambia - Rapid 1 (Large)

Overland Missions Base Zambia - Rapid 14 Zambezi River

Zambia - 9.jpg (Large)

The Gorge from the Top - Zambezi River below

Zambia - 10.jpg (Large)

Ministering to the Leadership

Zambia - 11.jpg (Large)

What a great group of People

Zambia - 12.jpg (Large)

The Lodge

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Zambia - 14.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 15.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 16.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 17.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 18.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 19.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 20.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 21.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 22.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 23.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 24.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 25.jpg (Large)

Rapid Fourteen

Zambia - 26.jpg (Large)


Zambia - 27.jpg (Large)

Restrooms & Showers

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Zambia - 30.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 31.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 32.jpg (Large)

The Garden

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Zambia - 37.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 38.jpg (Medium)

Zambia - 39.jpg (Large)

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Zambia - 42.jpg (Large)

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Zambia - 47.jpg (Large)

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Tents from RMI

Zambia - 49.jpg (Large)

Washers and Dryer

Zambia - 50.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 51.jpg (Large)


Zambia - 52.jpg (Medium)Zambia - 53.jpg (Medium)

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Pizza anyone!

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Sunset over the Gorge

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Zambia - 56.jpg (Large)

Zambia - 56.5.jpg (Large)