Bujumbura Burundi Day 1 PM

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 08/26/2009

My Latest Blog on What's Happening in Bujumbura Burundi - History is being Made http://www.revival.com/www/r.aspx?p=115&aid=14

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At the Place where Stanley met DR Livingstone 138 years ago on the shores of Lake Tanganyika - He Said "Dr Livingstone I Presume"

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" Dr Smethurst I Presume"

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138 Years Later after Stanley and Livingstone - Smethurst's and Howard-Browne's

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Lake Tanganyika

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Myself And The Mayor of Bujumbura

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Walking with the President - Vice President's and Military Band 1 mile from the Houses of parliament to the Crusade ground!

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Walking with the President to the Crusade Grounds

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President ahead in white suit - body guards between Adonica and Myself and the First Family

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Arriving at the crusade grounds

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The President and Vice Presidents and Cabinet

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The Platform

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Adonica and Myself and the President and 1st Family and Vice Presidents

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The President Leading Worship with His Son

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His Excellency President Pierre NKURUNZIZA of Burundi

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Listening to the Translation from French to English on Head Sets!

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Getting Ready to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Power

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Preaching the Gospel

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Thousands of hands go up high to receive Jesus!

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More Hands for Salvation

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Altar Call behind the Platform on the Wall

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Some Cabinet & Government Leaders receiving Jesus while the president and 1st lady bow in Prayer

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The Mighty Baptism in the Holy Ghost and Fire

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The Fire of the Holy Ghost

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Getting ready to receive the fire of God

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Fire Falling

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Discussing strategy with my dear friend and missionary/explorer Phil Smethurst

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More strategy - when you only have 60 minutes

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Fire on the Pastors

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Pastors receiving

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Nearly Lost my Interpreter - He was weeping under the Power of The Holy Ghost

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Losing my Interpreter

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