Live Interactive Web Broadcasts (Nov 12th)


Publish date: 11/12/2009

We had two Live Interactive Webcasts today. People joined us from 45 states and 38 Countries. The vision was announced for the new 24/7 Christian Television Network--Christian TV with a difference-- Movies, News, Sports, Comedy, Golf, Live Revival Services, Live from The River at Tampa Bay Church on Sundays, and more ...

CLICK HERE to view live video clip

First Webcast Photos Below:

IMG_0162.JPG (Large)

IMG_0016.JPG (Medium)IMG_0028.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0031.JPG (Medium)IMG_0044.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0052.JPG (Large)

IMG_0060.JPG (Medium)IMG_0067.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0070.JPG (Medium)IMG_0078.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0082.JPG (Large)

IMG_0088.JPG (Large)

IMG_0092.JPG (Medium)IMG_0095.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0106.JPG (Medium)IMG_0112.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0118.JPG (Large)

IMG_0125.JPG (Medium)IMG_0129.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0132.JPG (Medium)IMG_0134.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0139.JPG (Medium)IMG_0151.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0167.JPG (Large)

2nd Webcast Below:

IMG_0171.JPG (Large)

IMG_0177.JPG (Medium)IMG_0194.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0189.JPG (Medium)IMG_0178.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0199.JPG (Medium)IMG_0203.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0195.JPG (Medium)IMG_0227.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0238.JPG (Medium)IMG_0208.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0242.JPG (Medium)IMG_0249.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0255.JPG (Large)

IMG_0263.JPG (Medium)IMG_0268.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0279.JPG (Medium)IMG_0282.JPG (Medium)

IMG_0294.JPG (Large)

IMG_0330.JPG (Medium)IMG_0335.JPG (Medium)