G.A.T. Warsaw, Poland Day 5

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 04/23/2010

G.A.T. Warsaw, Poland Day 5
We had and amazing service tonight. When we went off the air I ended up praying for a little girl who was weeping - she was 10 years old and her name was Victoria - I had just got through speaking about Kelly - she was weeping - I picked her off the floor and asked her where her mother was she said her mother was killed in a car wreck on the 24th of Dec..I prophesied over her and told her God would use her - prayed for the whole family - and told her when she is old enough we would pay for her to come to bible school - everyone was weeping - she reminded me of a little Kelly - we all wept - heaven came down - eternity filled the room - wow what a night altar filled - Poland Ablaze

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AM Pastors Meeting

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