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G.A.T. Haiti Day 1

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 05/27/2010

GAT Haiti Day 1

From the Desk of Pastor Rodney ........the singing and dancing and then watching the faces of the Haitian people as I preached about Jesus - and the Good News He brings to them - the thousands of hands raised in surrender of their lives to Jesus and then as I prayed a prayer of healing - I felt such a compassion of Gods Love for them... See More that Jesus was their physician - I was stirred as never before - and then told them to do what they could not do - and then the testimonies flowed - one young man reported that from the age of 5 he had heard voices in his head - they were silenced - then many came one by one with reports of pains that they had suffered - some as long as 20 years - instantly healed - arms that could not move that now moved - Jesus healing liquid love touched the precious Haitian people on a city block adjacent to the market square - under a full moon on a clear Haitian night - we ended as they danced for Joy - this is Rodney Howard-Browne - missionary to the nations reporting from Port o prince Haiti for Revival Ministries International - check the pics on keep us in your constant prayers and much needed continued support love to all.

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