Expedition Day 10

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 08/05/2010

We arrived into Beira around 6 pm tonight after leaving Harare this am just after 7 - preached a 1 Night Holy Ghost Meeting. at a Bible School in Beira Mozambique - the students were so hungry,the fire fell - we leave in the am for Marroumeu - Northern Mozambique to the site where Mary Moffat was buried - the ...wife of Dr Davis Livingstone. Might conduct a meeting tomorrow night right on the delta of the Zambezi River - then Friday am on to Blantyre Malawi - Speaking Saturday night in one of the largest churches in the nation - the city of Blantyre was named after Livingstone's home of Blantyre Scotland - this will be a high honor - I tell you we are flat out on this trip hoping to rest a few days next week on the shores of lake Malawi - please keep us in your prayers - if you feel led to be a part financially with us on this mission - please go to revival.com and sow something online as many of these places,because of where we are, are not able to do anything - however the meetings are amazing and the results will be and are eternal

Managed to upload 16 basic pics - from day 10 - this is just a few to give you an overview - Phil & Sharon ministered along with Andre and Jenny and Adonica and myself to a bunch of hungry students here in Beira Mozambique - it is now Day 11 we are heading on up to Chipanga - Northern Mozambique - will send a text tonight to RMI office they will update facebook - so we can keep you posted on Day 11 - will be able to update pics when we reach Blantyre Malawi late Friday PM - love and Blessings to all from Africa - Pastors R & A


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