Making an Eternal Difference

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Publish date: 10/29/2010

You have the choice
of where you will spend ETERNITY and you have the choice as to the degree that you will impact ETERNITY with the use of your finances, a tool that can be used to help RMI further the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Help us by investing your finances, your wealth, towards this ETERNAL cause and mandate. Prayerfully consider the many methods available to do so. 

 - A Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to support Revival Ministries International while providing yourself with a lifetime income. Here is how it works: A percentage payout is determined based on your life expectancy. This payout amount is the percentage of the initial asset that you will receive annually for the rest of your life. You will also receive a charitable deduction for a portion of the annuity amount. This deduction can be used in the year the Charitable Gift Annuity is established or in the next five years. Once the annuity is established, you will receive the same payment amount for the rest of your life regardless of economic conditions or market fluctuations. Once you pass away, the money left over from your Charitable Gift Annuity is used to further the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Revival Ministries International.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST - A Charitable Lead Trust allows you to set Revival Ministries as a beneficiary. Revival Ministries will then receive income for the specified term set within the trust.  At the end of this time the remainder is then paid to the second beneficiary which can be you, the donor, or someone else that you wish to leave the balance to.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUS - A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to place an asset within the trust.  The investment within the trust will pay to you, the beneficiary, a stream of income for life or a term not to exceed 20 years.  At the time of your death, the remainder within the trust will then be given to Revival Ministries International.  A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to receive a tax benefit now and give, only, after you have passed away. 

FOUNDATIONS - It is possible for you to start your own non-profit foundation with the purpose of funding other non-profit organizations.  This allows you the freedom of controlling your own foundation that can hold your assets and distribute funds to Revival Ministries International.  For those considering this option, we recommend seeking advice from a financial advisor as well as a legal advisor.

PAYABLE ON DEATH ACCOUNTS - A very easy method for you to give to Revival Ministries International is by Payable on Death Accounts. This allows you to set the ministry as the beneficiary on your bank account.  At your passing, Revival Ministries International will be given the remainder in your account. To set this up, all you need to do is tell your bank that Revival Ministries International is the beneficiary of your account and notify us that you have set this up.

REAL ESTATE - You can donate real estate to Revival Ministries International. You can also sell it and give the proceeds or part of the proceeds to Revival Ministries International. By doing this, you will receive a tax benefit against capital gain tax.  If you have recently inherited land or a house that you have no need of and want to know the best way of donating the property, we recommend obtaining professional advice.

RETIREMENT ASSETS - Do you plan to include your retirement assets in charitable donations to Revival Ministries International? If so, consider how it may effect your finances. In some cases, it can be more beneficial to name the ministry as a designated beneficiary of your retirement account rather than gifting the assets during your lifetime.  Instead of gifting your retirement assets to Revival Ministries International during your lifetime, you may designate the ministry as the beneficiary of your retirement account. Under this option, the ministry - not you - will be treated as receiving the distribution; therefore, neither you nor your estate will owe income taxes on the amount. While the amount will be included in your taxable estate, your estate will receive a deduction for the amount inherited by the ministry, resulting in an offset of the estate taxes. Furthermore, because Revival Ministries International does not pay income taxes on the donations they receive, the distribution will avoid being taxed as income.

REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST - A Revocable Living Trust allows you to set Revival Ministries International as a beneficiary for your estate wealth.  You retain all control of the finances and can even appoint a mediator of the trust to handle these funds during your life and after you pass away.  The assets or funds are then handled by whomever the trust designates as the mediator of them with the purpose of funding the gospel through Revival Ministries International.

SECURITIES - You can give debt securities such as bonds and banknotes or equity securities, common stock, forwards, futures, options, directly to Revival Ministries International and receive a tax relief.  You can also give securities through an annuity or trust in different scenarios to help you maximize your giving potential and tax benefit.  You should speak with a financial professional to find a plan that benefits you the most. 

WILL - A will allows you to give property, cash, or any other assets to Revival Ministries International after you pass away.  A will is subject to probate costs after your death to verify all parties with claims to your acquired wealth.  After all parties are satisfied, the will takes effect allowing you to give all or a set portion of your wealth directly to Revival Ministries International. 

We recommend on any decision regarding your estate wealth to obtain professional advice and help.

Please, know that you can email us at or reach us at 1 (813) 971-9999 ext 210.