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Publish date: 08/26/2011


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The Great Awakening is Extended through September!

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Great Awakening Live

Since January 2nd, we have received more than 258,565 phone calls from people who are watching at home. Through phone calls, we have had over 50,055 salvations, 12,300 Holy Spirit baptisms, and 11,130 healings. Through social media such as Twitter, E-mail, SMS, and testimonies and prayer requests through, we have had over 59,660 responses. With phone calls and social media, we have had over 318,225 DIRECT CONTACTS. Help make a difference by investing in the Gospel today.



Every night live, Sunday through Friday at 7:30 PM (Service starts at 7 PM)

Saturday – rerun of the best night of the week

The broadcast is going across North, South and Central America on CTN and across Africa on the CTV platform. Of course, it is available on anywhere people have access to the Internet. You can now watch the webcast on your iPhone or iPad without Flash! Check it out today.

On weekdays at 1 PM and on Saturdays at 9:30 AM, Power Evangelism classes are offered and teams go out to fulfill the Great Commission. Join us! The classes are FREE and anyone can be a part!

Many people are taking the Gospel Soul Winning Script and are leading others to Christ. Believers from 65 countries and 2,089 cities are actively participating with the Great Awakening and have posted over 696,815 DECISIONS FOR JESUS CHRIST! Help us reach more and do more by investing in the Gospel today.

Are you leading others to Christ? Please, report your Soul Winning Stats. Post your stats by going to Create a log in and click Post Stats.

Healing School classes are going on every Monday – Friday, from 2:30 - 4 PM in the RBI auditorium, which is free to all. It is open to anyone and everyone who desires to learn what the Word of God teaches about healing, to grow in faith regarding healing, and to walk in the authority that Christ gave every believer over sickness and disease. For more information, please click here or call us at (813) 971-9999.

We have not received any offerings on the Live TV broadcast so that we can use all three hours nightly to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and motivate people to win souls. Please, prayerfully consider sowing a generous seed into this global harvest today. If one person would give something substantial each week, it would really help make a big difference. Please, ask the Lord what He would have you to do and do exactly what He directs you to do. Invest in the Gospel

God is MOVING IN A MIGHTY WAY. Please, consider becoming a MONTHLY PARTNER with us today.

We have people coming from other states and countries to be trained in soul-winning and to receive the fire of God! They are receiving the fire of God, a HOLY BOLDNESS, and are taking it back home. As a result, many are seeing their areas SHAKEN WITH THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!

Make plans NOW to join us in Tampa! Registration is FREE.

We love you and know that God has GREAT things in store for you!

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Just preached at the National Conference of the AFM in Zimbabwe at Rufaro Mission located near Masvingo — 3 1/2 hours south of Harare. There is nothing like standing on a field in Africa with 60,000 people and hear the sound of Living Water — as the fire of God falls on the people and the wind of Heaven blows. Tens of thousands of people are receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!

The Harare crusade starts Sunday through Wednesday — then we fly home to the USA on Thursday! Please, click here for pics.

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Great Awakening Testimonies

Rhonda W., from Lucedale, MS, called the Great Awakening Broadcast prayer line with a praise report. She had called the prayer line just yesterday for prayer for her son to get a job. She called today praising the Lord that her son now has a job!

Rosemarie S., from New River, AZ, was suffering from severe pain all over her body from diabetic neuropathy. She called the Great Awakening Broadcast prayer line ready to receive her miracle from the Lord. After prayer, all of the pain was gone! Jesus is the Healer.

Pam M., from Spring Hill, FL, called the Great Awakening Broadcast prayer line with a praise report. She had called a few weeks ago requesting prayer for her son and daughter in-law because they had split up in March. She called back today to say that her son and daughter in-law have reconciled and are back together! She exclaimed, "God has restored their marriage!"

Please, help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by investing in the Gospel today.



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Fall Ministers' & Leaders' Conference
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Winter Campmeeting 2012
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Igniting the Fire

CD Series for $45

We must have another Great Awakening in America!

The time is short! God needs YOU!
God is looking for a people who will set cities and nations ablaze and will reap a harvest of souls in these last days. God wants men and women who will totally yield themselves, who will let the Holy Spirit do a work on the inside of them and will let the fire purge them. It's time for the church to step up higher, to step into a new dimension.

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Ingredients of Revival

CD Series $35

Revival is not just another meeting or church service — revival is an upheaval — a disturbance in the atmosphere of your life. Revival shines the light of the Holy Spirit into every corner of your heart and your life and challenges you to allow Him to deal with and clean out everything that is not pure or godly so that you can walk free and be whole. Revival is not merely a sovereign move of God, but revival results when we move into God's sovereign plan.

Do you feel that God has called you to be a revivalist? If you are going to be a revivalist, then you must completely let go and let God take complete control of every area of your life and every service that you conduct. God can only do through you what He has already done in you. Will you be used of the Holy Ghost? Will you yield to God's work in your life? Will you die to your own wishes and dreams and to fortune, fame and popularity?


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