Great Awakening Paris, France Day 2

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 06/25/2011

Great Awakening Paris, France Day 2 - What a POWERFUL night in the LORD! God's people showed up expecting & pulling on the anointing. The wind of God swept through the hearts of men, women, & children. Today, over 590 decisions for Christ bringing the total to 770 decisions for Jesus Christ in just 2 days. Fifty different churches are now participating in this great harvest of souls in France.

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Below Pictures - Great Awakening Paris, France Day 2 - Power Evangelism Training Saturday A.M.

Pastor Timothy told us this has never happened in Paris.

This is the largest soul-winning class ever in Paris so far - God is Good!


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Pastor Jennifer gives an altar call before class starts - People get saved then go out - AWESOME!

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Pastor Timothy Ahmad

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Most of the team leaders are pastors!

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