3,560 decisions on Super Soul Winning Saturday!

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 09/11/2011

In one day, 361 harvesters reported in 3,560 decisions for Jesus Christ! God is doing amazing things on the streets of Tampa as people are empowered with the Gospel and the Fire of God!

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10S.jpg (Medium)11S.jpg (Medium)

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13S.jpg (Medium)14S.jpg (Medium)

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16S.jpg (Medium)17S.jpg (Medium)

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19S.jpg (Medium)20S.jpg (Medium)

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25S.jpg (Medium)26S.jpg (Medium)

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29S.jpg (Medium)30B.jpg (Medium)

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32S.jpg (Medium)33S.jpg (Medium)

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38S.jpg (Medium)37S.jpg (Medium)

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