"Filming in Studio C has begun"

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 02/21/2012

This was a landmark week for The Great Awakening broadcast as we began filming in Studio C!

Thank you for co-laboring with us through your prayers and faithful support. We are trusting the Lord for the provision to complete the final details.

Please, prayerfully, inquire of the Lord what He would have you to do. When we give our best into what is precious to the Lord, we, with great expectation, can look to receive the Lord’s best in our lives. The greater the seed, the greater the harvest. Give in proportion to the blessing that you would like to receive.


If you would like to sow a seed into the Studio C build out, please click here.
If you would like to see pics from the Studio C build out, please  click here.

P2200040.JPG (Large)

P2200047.JPG (Large)


P2200059.JPG (Large)

P2200051.JPG (Large)

P2200071.JPG (Large)

P2200079.JPG (Large)

P2200082.JPG (Large)

P2200093.JPG (Large) 

P2200114.JPG (Large)

P2200122.JPG (Large)

P2200139.JPG (Large)  P2200147.JPG (Medium)

P2200172.JPG (Large)

P2200185.JPG (Large)

P2200196.JPG (Large)

P2200205.JPG (Large)

P2200229.JPG (Large)

P2200286.JPG (Large)

P2200323.JPG (Large)

P2200355.JPG (Medium)  P2200350.JPG (Medium)

P2200357.JPG (Large)

P2200370.JPG (Medium)  P2200385.JPG (Medium)

P2200382.JPG (Large)

P2200399.JPG (Medium)  P2200425.JPG (Medium)

P2200405.JPG (Large)

P2200441.JPG (Large)

P2200461.JPG (Large)

P2200491.JPG (Large)

P2200558.JPG (Large)

P2200578.JPG (Large)

P2200580.JPG (Large)

P2200589.JPG (Large)

P2200629.JPG (Large)

P2200619.JPG (Medium)  P2200640.JPG (Medium)

P2200650.JPG (Large)

P2200657.JPG (Large)

P2200662.JPG (Large)

P2200672.JPG (Large)

P2200688.JPG (Large)

P2200685.JPG (Medium)  P2200716.JPG (Medium)

P2200726.JPG (Medium)  P2200734.JPG (Medium)

P2200761.JPG (Large)

P2200768.JPG (Large)

P2200781.JPG (Large)

P2200819.JPG (Medium)  P2200854.JPG (Medium)

P2200860.JPG (Large)

P2200880.JPG (Medium)  P2200893.JPG (Medium)

P2200896.JPG (Large)