Great Awakening Chiefland, FL Day 4

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 04/17/2013

Great Awakening Chiefland, FL Day 4 - God is doing great things in Levy County - One example: A couple that has been married 60 years has come every night. The night before last, I prayed for them and the man went under the power of God. As I prayed for him, his wife said that he used to travel, preach, & was in the healing ministry for 30 years. He stopped doing that when he was diagnosed 15 months ago with Alzheimer's. My heart was broken & I thought this is not right! Tonight, I walked up to them & the wife said he's back - The Lord totally healed him & he is in his right mind talking, joking, & telling stories of their ministry - WOW - Thank You Jesus - A true miracle - We are so happy for them - Supernatural

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Soulwinning Class

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