GAT Waterloo, Iowa Day 6

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 05/31/2013


GAT Waterloo, Iowa Day 6 - We have EXTENDED for another week! Going to a different venue. It's as if almost everyone in the place has had an encounter with God! Many testimonies of lives changed by the power of the Holy Ghost. The word is getting out and many Pastors are showing up & getting touched. We are seeing a city shaken by the proclamation of the saving message of Christ! With 256 harvesters, we have seen 3,821 decisions for Christ.


New Venue Information

New Venue Information:

Waterloo Worship Center 
1728 Jefferson St. 
Waterloo, Iowa 50702 
(319) 232-4355

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Power Evangelism

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Saturday Power Evangalism

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Saturday Outreach

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