One Night Holy Ghost Meeting in Estonia

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 05/31/2016

One Night Holy Ghost Meeting in Estonia. I ministered at Pastors Jaanus & Kai Ringmäe church and so much was accomplished in one night by the Holy Spirit it is hard to put into words. We just thank Jesus for everything accomplished tonight! They are also organizing teams from Estonia to come to Finland Ablaze August 1-5, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.

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Boat ride from Finland to Estonia takes around 2 hours - Thought I was on a cruise - lol

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Here with Pastors Jaanus & Kai Ringmäe. I ministered in their church tonight and they are coming to Finland Ablaze

 in August with a team. These are wonderful Estonian Pastors.

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The power of God hit Pastor Jaanus and I felt to offer people an opportunity to bless him and his wife personally.

He told me later the last time he was in Dr. Rodney's meeting in Finland several years ago Dr. Rodney did the same thing. Epic

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I met this business man and his wife and they have been following the ministry

for many years. They are coming over for the Kingdom Business Fellowship meetings Thursday in Finland.