Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 09/02/2016

Great Awakening Saskatoon, Canada Final Night - The Gospel was proclaimed boldly and the fruit was evident to see. Many believers were mobilized, went into the highways and byways of Saskatoon, and, together, we saw 3,051 decisions for Christ!

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Overflow Seating

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The Grand Chief Mathew CoonCome of the Cree Nation of Quebec Canada and MaryAnne his wife of 40 years - what a blessing - a leader, statesman


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Pastor Terry & Fiona Noel of Bridge Ministries International Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada our host for the Saskatoon Great Awakening

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This Family from an Indian Cree Community was radically touched by the Power of God - the ladies 6 week old baby was murdered in July - they were so filled with grief - in an instant they were touched on Wednesday night and now they are so filled with Joy Unspeakable and are winning souls

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GAT Saskatoon, Canada Team



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