Stepping Over

Presented by The River School of Worship

Publish date: 07/14/2019

Stepping Over

Verse 1

I left the fear on the boat
I relinquish all control
To the One that makes me whole
Jesus the Savior of my soul


I hear You calling me
I hear You calling me


So, I will walk on the face of the water 
No wind or wave will cause me to falter 
No doubt or fear can keep me away from You 
My eyes are on You


The waves are crashing, I’m stepping over 
My faith won’t waver in the midst of the storm
The water’s raging but I see You walking  
I will keep running in victory

(Last Time before Chorus)
I will keep running in vic - to - ry

Music and Words by Beruke Yosief, Jennifer Jimenez, Adam Ramirez, Bren Smith, and Joshua Jackson

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