G.A.T. Abilene, Texas Day 13

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 07/09/2009

G.A.T. Abilene, Texas Day 13 - With 437 harvesters, we have seen 15,001 decisions for Jesus Christ. The fire of God hit the place early on tonight. Many are bringing people that in the world's eyes are impossible situations - drunks, drug users, people in rehab, etc... But God specializes in the impossible. Nothing is Impossible with Him. God is touching them and delivering them in a mighty way. Several are now coming to the River Bible Institute this August. We have 1 more night of Holy Ghost and Fire Meetings here. Please, pray for the G.A.T. Teams and for the ministry to have a financial breakthrough.

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Power Evangelism Training and Soul Winning

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