G.A.T. Italy 5 City Tour - 5th Night - Rome

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 11/06/2009

What a Great Night In Rome Italy - Live on the Internet 6000 people on line - 100 people at the Altar - felt so strong about the blood of the martyrs crying out - the seed sown - the Harvest of souls will come in in Italy - we finished the 5 city tour - we will be on a flight home in the am - Preaching in Orlando Fl Saturday night - then a River Sunday with Claudio Friedzon!

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G.A.T. Italy Day 1 Pictures below:


G.A.T. Italy Day 2 Pictures below:


G.A.T. Italy Day 3 Pictures below:


 G.A.T. Italy Day 4 Pictures below: