Istanbul, Turkey Day 1

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 11/30/2009

International Great Awakening Tour - Turkey / 10th Anniversary of River @ Istanbul Church - DAY 1


We are in Istanbul Turkey that ancient city of antiquity Constantinople - right on the Bosphorus - celebrating with pastor's Cory & Rose Erman and Hamdie and Leila Erman their parents the 10th anniversary of the River Church to which Adonica and I came 10 years ago at the start as we bought the first sound system - what has happened is amazing the Bible School and they are on nationwide television with their own show that we filmed their first programs at the River in Tampa - the place was packed as many had come from across the nation - this is the first time to our knowledge that a live Christian revival Meeting is broadcast across Europe right out of Istanbul - on Vision Norway with our dear friend Jan Hanvoldt !

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