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GAT Tampa May 2010

Great Awakening Tour

Publish date: 05/16/2010

Pastor Rodney launched one-on-one soul-winning in the Tampa Bay, FL area.  From April 2003 to December 2003, we saw over 108,000 decisions for Jesus Christ.

From December 2008 to May 16, 2010, we have seen 103,233 decisions for Christ in the Tampa Bay area.

According to statistics, in 2006, Tampa was at a 10-year crime rate low.  In 2009, the murder rate was the lowest since 1985; that’s a 24 year low.

With a population of 303,447, Tampa has had 20 murders in 2009, as compared with 379 murders in Detroit in 2008 with a population of 871,121.  For Tampa, that is 1 in every 15,172---- compared to Detroit: 1 in every 2,298. The Great Awakening Tour has not yet been to Detroit.


GAT Tampa May 2010-National Day of Prayer

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The National Day of Prayer in downtown Tampa had 19 different ministries or churches represented. 

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Sam prayed a prayer for the youth. 

IMG_4155.JPG (Medium)IMG_4163.JPG (Medium)

Josh led everyone in a prayer of salvation.

IMG_4174.JPG (Large)

People raising their hands to indicate their decisions for Jesus Christ.

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These two people in the blue were both saved and healed of pain.  They told the hot dog salesman on the right, and he got saved.

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GAT Tampa 4-3-10

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Gat Tampa 2-4-10

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GAT Tampa 2-18-10

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GAT Tampa 5-12 8 Days of Glory

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Super Soulwinning Saturday 5-8-10 Local Neighborhood outreach

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GAT Tampa 2-24-10 Homeless outreach

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GAT Tampa 4-8-10 Bus Station outreach

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The woman in the middle got saved, and after prayer all her back pain left.

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