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Publish date: 10/06/2011


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Dear Friends & Partners,

Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Oh, my brothers and sisters in Christ, if sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies; and if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay, and not madly to destroy themselves. If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.”

We are compelling the lost to come in. We are relentlessly proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ seven days a week.

We must do MORE! In addition to what we are presently doing, we are now strategizing to conduct two rallies PER WEEK (starting this November) to REVIVE & MOBILIZE the church and to win the lost. Invest in the Gospel and help us do more.

Luke 5:4-7 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships

We are beckoning unto our partners. Help up with this “great multitude of fishes.” Here is an update as to what has been done this year:

- Provided over $450,000 worth of food to families in need. (Psa. 41:1 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.)

- Bus families in to hear the Gospel message. In fact, over 10,000 people have been transported to a Gospel event this year. As a result, multitudes have been saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, and water baptized.

- Over 18,000 laborers have been trained in Tampa to reach the lost at any cost.

- Given a house away

- Conducted over 310 outreaches this year.

- At our outreaches, clothes, furniture, appliances, household items, school supplies, and a vehicle have been given away – over $75,000 worth of items.

- Established over 500 Soul Saving Stations.

- Sixty-eight countries and 2,240 cities are participating in the Great Awakening – SOULS BEING SAVED IN ALL THOSE COUNTRIES & CITIES.

As a result of ongoing efforts, of many harvesters, over 911,610 DECISIONS FOR JESUS CHRIST HAVE BEEN REPORTED. Together, we are reaching the lives of many precious people.

We are beckoning unto you today to help us tell the world that God loves them and that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Sow a generous seed today.

Proverbs 11:25 The liberal person shall be enriched, and he who waters shall himself be watered.

We love you and thank God for you.

With much love,
The Great Awakening, RMI, & River Staff


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